Enlightened Enterprise

Bringing compassionate mindfulness to business

In this inspiring workshop, Vin Harris and Chloe Homewood share teachings and practices which they have found to be really helpful in shaping a vision for living and working that is in alignment with the values and aspirations that emerge from compassionate mindfulness practice.

Vin says: “Enlightened Enterprise is a way of being at work that allows us to become clear about what really matters to us so that we are guided by our principles, rather than being driven by our reactions to circumstances. This opens up the possibility of seeing the situations we find ourselves in from the perspective where the maximum benefit to both ourselves and others becomes the priority; opportunities for authentic action then present themselves naturally.”

Whether you are just starting out on your personal mission to teach and share mindfulness with others or perhaps you hope to find an authentic way of being in the organisation you work for, this course will be valuable both personally and professionally.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance for 10 hours of CPD. In preparation for the courses we will be sending out some questions for reflection and optional suggested reading. Please find the booking details below.

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