Living Mindfully An Online Course

Why not sign up to the Mindfulness Association’s Living Mindfully Online course including a Six Month Membership?

The cost of the course is £24.95. To book onto this course and start your journey please click here.

By signing up to this course you will receive ten weekly guidance via email designed to help you to develop a daily life mindfulness and kindness practice in a step by step way. This will include written guidance, videos, audio talks and guided practices. These include several talks by Rob Nairn as well as talks and guided practices by experienced Mindfulness Association teachers.

Part 1 – What is Mindfulness?

Part 2 – Kindness in Daily Life

Part 3 – Grounding

Part 4 – Kindness to Ourselves

Part 5 – Putting it All Together

Part 6 – Self-Compassion

Part 7 – Distraction

Part 8 – Compassion

Part 9 – Life Values

Part 10 – A Mindful Life

As a member of the Mindfulness Association you will also be able to join our community of practice online twice a week.

Each Monday at 7pm we have a Membership Monday online meeting, which is hosted by members for members and is a chance to connect with like-minded Mindfulness practitioners, practice together and share our experiences of practice.

Each Thursday at 7pm we have a live online practice led by one of our experienced Mindfulness Association tutors. this is a chance for you to ask questions about your mindfulness practice and to receive guidance.

You will need to login to the Membership site to join the Monday and Thursday meetings. There are many resources on our Membership site available for you to explore, including video and audio talks by a range of prominent teachers in the field of Mindfulness and Compassion.

As a member you will also receive a weekly digest email including a weekly video and links to our latest blogs.

We hope that being a Member and following this course will support and inform your Mindfulness practice and bring lots of benefit to you and to those around you.