MBLC Teaching Skills Retreat- Teaching Level 2

MBLC Teaching Skills Retreat

This MBLC Teaching Skills Retreat is an in-depth training retreat over five days exploring each of the stages of the MBLC 8-week course. There is a strong focus on participants getting ‘hands on’ experience of delivering course.

  • This course explores the rationales behind the practices and the way they fit together as a whole.
  • It is suitable for those who have completed Teaching Level 1 and then 6 months of informal teaching practice under supervision. It is also suitable for trained Mindfulness teachers of other approaches, such as MBSR and MBCT, who are familiar through practice with the MBLC course curriculum.
  • Feedback from participants and tutors on this course is given with reference to the domains of the Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC), which are explored during this retreat.
  • Live sessions delivered by the participants will be self-assessed by the participants and discussed with tutors who will also make an assessment. Participants meeting the advanced beginner level of the MBI-TAC will be awarded a certificate of readiness to teach the MBLC at the end of this retreat.
  • Successful completion of this retreat provides participants with all they need to begin to deliver the MBLC 8 week course.

Some encouraging words:

“Emmersive, deep learning and a true inspiration to be a part of the community of the MA”
“Such a unique and wonderful learning, growth and nourishing environment with wonderful, genuine teachings from the heart….the opportunities to learn together; freedom to make mistakes; model imperfection; laugh and cry together.”
“The dedication and the compassion of the tutors was overwhelming. The course structure was excellent. The energy of the group – awesome.”
“I have felt held through the process and my individuality has been honoured. It is so obvious the tutors have their own deep practice and live the knowledge of their compassionate mess.”
“This course has helped me better understand and embody the MBLC course and to trust in myself as a teacher.”


Courses Available:

Further course information and booking | PDF Flyer

- Samye Ling starts 15 January 2019

- Samye Ling starts 16 July 2019

Completing this course qualifies you to attend:

Teaching Level 2: MBLC-YA Retreat

Teaching Level 3: CBLC Retreat (if you have also completed Level 2 – Responding with Compassion)