Weekly Challenge


Feeding the mind – with Acceptance

This week I have been reflecting on accepting myself as I am and my life as it is. As I ...
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Who Are You?

I’ve been asking myself that question recently.  Who am I? It’s a complicated thing it seems. Last week I caused ...
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Universal Health

Universal Health

Health and Wellness have been circling my thoughts, observations and reflections over the last few weeks. During this time I ...
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being present

Being Present

Mindfulness training is about being in the moment and enhancing our experience of being present – whatever that may be ...
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Latest News

Rob Award

Mindfully Happy

Reflecting on the Mindfulness Association Conference last week - feelings of warmth and happiness flood my body and a smile ...
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Be The Change You Wish to See

A Reply to the Mindfulness Conspiracy

The mindfulness conspiracy. It condemns all mindfulness practitioners/teachers as being obsessed with happiness and acquiescence to the causes of inequality, ...
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Mindfulness Meditation - Serendipity and Trust in my Values

Mindfulness Meditation – Serendipity and Trust in my Values

Here is a repost of my blog - Mindfulness Meditation - Serendipity and Trust in my Values - from last ...
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Growing Courage

When we think of mindfulness and compassion in action, we often jump straight to thinking about gestures of kindness, or ...
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Heather’s Musings


24 Hour Mindfulness

I very much enjoyed Charlie Morley’s keynote talk at the Mindfulness Association conference last month. His topic was stress and ...
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Planning on Retreat

I was on retreat last week at Purelands retreat centre near to Samye Ling. The retreat was led very skilfully ...
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forgotten practices

Forgotten practices

I had a wonderful time at our conference earlier this month. It felt like a coming of age. We were ...
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MBLC Teachers

New MBLC teachers

I have just completed delivering the 6 day Mindfulness Based Living Course teaching skills retreat and seen a new cohort ...
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Kristine’s WonderWords

Go in and in

Go In and In

Kristine has been providing us with her wonderful Words of Wonder.  Duncan and I are inspired by this and have ...
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Innocence - Linda Hogan

Innocence – Linda Hogan

There is nothing more innocent than the still-unformed creature I find beneath the soil, neither of us knowing what it ...
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Life is laughing in a pebble - Eveline Beumkes

Life is laughing in a pebble – Eveline Beumkes

Clouds are flowing in the river, waves are flying in the sky. Life is laughing in a pebble. Does a ...
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Grace - Alice Walker

Grace – Alice Walker

grace gives me a day too beautiful I had thought to stay indoors & yet washing my dishes straightening my ...
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