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What's in front of us

This blog post started as a static, uninspiring blog writing moment. I have had zero creative sparks as I contemplate my blog and not a clue as to what I am going to write about. I am not feeling inspired and I have a humpy agitated lethargic feeling!

Usually, for blog inspiration, I do something completely different from the task at hand. I find that helps and often sparks a little moment of inspiration, but not today. I start to write our members digest and watch one of the recent “Why I practice mindfulness” videos.

Listening to Chloe giving her answer, the phrase ‘meanwhile we can miss what is happening right in front of us’ resonated with me. Maybe that was the little spark of creativity that I needed.

I continued with the weekly digest and then started to think of the blog post again, nothing came to mind. I looked at some old notes from a couple of years ago and considered writing about those. Some of these notes, I was proud of, others made me cringe. Reading back on the notes was interesting, what really stood out is:

a. Sometimes I quite like what I write
b. The theme of my notes come in cycles
c. There seemed to be guidance for myself in my own notes – something that would help at the time that I was writing.

This took me back to Chloe’s words ‘meanwhile we can miss what is happening right in front of us’.

Would I read this post back to myself in a couple of years and instantly see the lesson, wisdom or insight? Or do I try and heed or discover that lesson now?

I was driving recently and thoughts and affections for the area and location popped into my mind. I was aware of these thoughts and my somewhat romanticised rose-tinted recollections. In a few years time, will I drive past where I am now and have the same romanticised rose-tinted recollections? Of course, rose-tinted recollections tend not to include humpy agitated lethargic moments!

Our Mindfulness practice helps us – it means that we might not miss what is happening right in front of us – we are aware and accept those present moments. Those present moments can be humpy agitated lethargic moments or elated, joyful, creative ones.

However, with an awareness and acceptance of a moment – we have a choice. An awareness and acceptance of the moment creates space, it centres us so that we can see the periphery – like the Compassionate Self & Mandala teaching in level two. This centred space allows for a more informed choice. With an informed choice, we have space to make more informed actions.

I think that this is the lesson that I need to take from this post. It is great to become aware of our present moment experiences, but our choices and actions are of equal importance.


This Weeks Challenge

I am going to look at my choices and actions as part of my present moment experiences. How do my choices and actions differ when I am not in a centred compassionate space. I invite you to do the same.

I am also going to note down more joyful moments.

The London Underground does not usually present itself with many joyful moments for me. However, yesterday evening on my way back home was a little different.

I jumped on the tube back to Victoria and a girl sat down with her headphones on and was singing, quite loudly, much to the astonishment of most of the carriage.

Most people, it seems, struggle with eye contact on the underground so someone that gets on and sings their hearts out was wonderful but a little odd for some passengers. My choice will be to have some singing lessons before giving this a go.

Until next time

Warm wishes

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