Seeing Deeply- Level 3

Course Overview

  • This Seeing Deeply course builds on the Level 1 and Level 2 trainings that preceded it. In the insight training we deepen our understanding of psychological mental processes by exploring the roots of our experience, and what drives us.
  • It is ideal for those who have completed the Level 2 mindfulness training and who wish to continue to develop their mindfulness practice.
  • It meets the annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of the UK Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) for mindfulness teachers.
  • This course takes place over three weekends, or over one weekend and a 5 day retreat and is spread out over a six month period and aims to enable participants to develop their mindfulness practice by developing psychological insight into the mental processes that drive our thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Mindfulness Level 3: Seeing Deeply/ Vin Harris

Watch this video on YouTube.

The themes of the three weekends are:

  • How thought becomes thinking
  • Exploring destructive emotions
  • Resting the mind

Where the course is taught as one weekend and a retreat, the first weekend is on how thought becomes thinking and the retreat covers exploring destructive emotions and resting the mind.

Some encouraging words:

“Feels like everything has fallen into place. Excellent teaching and supportive environment.”
“Useful to understand my mind by untangling the mechanics of habitual patterns.”
“Choden and Alan really brought life and meaning to the expansive subject of insight.”
“Clarity of teaching is excellent and how it follows on from other courses – building on what we have learned and practiced. Plenty of time for practice and discussions and space to take things in.”
“Bringing the theory into practice is excellent.”
“An interesting and clear introduction to insight with plenty of time to practice and experience. All delivered in an engaging way and with humour. Like the linking it with Buddhism (theory).”

Courses Available:

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- Samye Ling starts 13 July 2018 (ongoing course)

- Samye Ling starts 07 June 2019

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