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The Wonder of the Everyday

6 Week Online Course on Mindfulness in Daily Life with Fay Adams, Jane Negrych and Alan Hughes 15 Jan – 26 February 2018   One of the biggest obstacles that we face as mindfulness practitioners is finding the time for formal practice. While ultimately formal practice is a fundamental component of mindfulness training, at times mindfulness in daily life is not only more feasible, but is something that we can cultivate more actively. This is valuable especially when faced with the difficulty of ‘finding time’ or when feeling resistance to sitting meditation. Mindfulness doesn’t need to be time consuming. Consider the many moments lost each day in rumination, anxiety, boredom, dullness, procrastination, irritation, speediness and impatience. If we recognise this, we can see the potential for reclaiming our being from the tunnel vision of habitual patterns. Themes will include New Year’s ‘Revolutions’; Everyday Meanderings; Being and World; Self-Compassion Gestures and Mantras; How Does Your Garden Grow?; and Life Itself. Within these themes we’ll be exploring the power of synchronizing our intentions with our life values. We’ll consider the difference between creating the conditions for true wellbeing and being manipulated by fleeting wants. We’ll explore mindfulness at work and at home and look at how environment - whether it be the earth, sky or urban landscape - can become a support for our practice. We’ll find new ways into self-compassion in the midst of the ups and downs. We’ll explore our relationship to qualities such as appreciation, sense of humour, trust, spaciousness and confidence and we’ll experiment with mindful relationship and conversation. Course Outline Live sessions on Monday evenings at 7pm – 8.30pm: 22nd of Jan and 5, 19, 26 Feb Includes: 8 specially pre-recorded videos by Fay Adams 6 x 10-min guided daily life audio practices 4 group meetings online with Jane Negrych and Alan Hughes Tutor available via email for support throughout Weekly worksheets and handouts Price £120 for non-members and £80 for MA members (concessions available). You will receive a weekly email (beginning on 15th Jan) with links to the talk, the audio for the week and the online meeting to be held on the following Monday on Fuse. Worksheets will also be included as attachments. For more information or if you experience any technical problems, please email membership@mindfulnessassociation.net *** This course is not a replacement for face-to-face mindfulness courses. Please join our mailing list if you’d like to be kept informed of new events or click here to join our Membership for a special introductory price and receive substantial discounts on event fees.


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