In my weekly blog, Heather’s Musings, I write about what has been happening in my life and how I am applying my mindfulness, compassion and insight practice to it. The process of writing the blog is often an opportunity for me to gain more clarity and recognise what is happening and I find it highly beneficial. My wish is that it is also helps other meditation practitioners who are on a similar journey.

The opinions and beliefs that I express in this blog are my own and do not represent the opinion of the Mindfulness Association.

making the obstacles the path

Making the Obstacles the Path

The consequences of the current pandemic have been devastating for many people, with much death and serious illness, leading to many being bereaved or having more caring responsibilities, but also with much economic hardship, with many losing their jobs and businesses and finding an inadequate safety net. These consequences should not be under-estimated and we…

staying present

Staying Present

I have taken to doing a shortened version of the three stage breathing space regularly within my day as a way of becoming more mindful. I have discovered that I often have a frisson of anxiety, which manifests in the heart, even when I am feeling quite happy. This is what I do: Firstly, I…


Rise Above

One day this week I was looking at the news on my Guardian app. Relentless awful news: Covid rising again, young students confined to their rooms, new policy in schools to not teach anything anti-capitalist and a further undermining of the BBC and free journalism in the UK. I have friends who are facing the…


Chronic Stress

Over the past month of my holiday and especially my week of home retreat one of the things I have recognised is how susceptible I am to chronic stress. I noticed this at the weekend, where we had over 50 new students online for their first weekend of their Masters in Mindfulness with the University…


From a Mountain in Tibet

Hello again! I am back after my summer break, refreshed and ready for whatever new challenges emerge. Challenges are always good, an opportunity for cultivating more patience and compassion, at the very least! Challenges are hopefully an opportunity for insight, understanding and personal growth. Still I’m not asking for challenges, just welcoming them should they…


Lockdown Release

It’s all change again, as the months of solitary lockdown in one place, give way to travel and company. The ground shifts again and we negotiate our way to a new new normal, with face masks and the opportunity for a hug within a bubble. Since the beginning of lockdown, I have been living in…