The ‘Compassionate Warrior’ in our Mindfulness Practice and Teaching

Samye Ling, 22-24 February 2019

The ‘Compassionate Warrior’ in our Mindfulness Practice and Teaching

Tutors: Fay Adams and Annick Nevejan
Dates: 22- 24 February 2019
To Book: Please email
Times: The weekend begins at 7pm (evening meal at 6pm) on the Friday evening, between 8am and 8pm on Saturday and between 8am and 3.30pm on Sunday
Location: Samye Ling Tibetan Centre, Eskdalemuir (nr Lockerbie) For more information and directions, please click here.
Cost: £ 150  for the weekend including manual

In this CPD weekend we will explore the two sides of the compassionate warrior; the strong back (wrathful energy) and the soft front (peaceful energy) of unconditional compassion. We will do practices to recognize these qualities in our own experience, exploring how to strengthen them as inner resources for being with the difficulty, challenges and suffering in and around us. We will learn what is needed to balance and integrate these two sides/energies of compassion in ourselves and in our role as a mindfulness teacher.

Mindful movement will be an integral part of this weekend and we will also use visualization practice (in particular Feeding your Demons). Both of these ways of practicing will help us to access the more subtle body energies that underly our experiences of sensations, emotion and thought. If we can come to be more and more at home in this less conceptual level of experience, new possibilities of insight, potency and relatedness can arise in our practice and teaching, empowering our compassionate warrior selves.

During the weekend we will work directly with examples from our own teaching practice. There will be enough time to explore any questions you might have around practice and teaching mindfulness. We will also give some time to enhancing our inquiry skills. The CPD weekend is a great way of connecting with colleagues and friends and an opportunity to enjoy Samye Ling as a place with its beautiful surrounding nature.