Teaching Level 1

Introductory teaching skills

  • This course provides training in the key teaching skills of guiding the core mindfulness practices from the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) and leading enquiry.
  • This course provides participants with opportunities to lead guided practices and enquiry with fellow participants in a safe environment. Feedback will be provided in weekend two by fellow participants.
  • It is designed for those who have completed at least the Mindfulness Level 1 training and is a foundation for those who wish to go on to do the MBLC teaching skills retreat to learn to teach our 8 week MBLC course.
  • This course takes place over two weekends spread out over a three month period and aims to support participants to begin developing a safe and effective mindfulness teaching practice.
  • The course emphasises the requirement for facilitators to be able to embody mindfulness and compassion while facilitating secular mindfulness training courses. The key skill is learning to stay fully present as you lead guided practices and enquiry. This skill depends entirely upon a sustained and regular personal mindfulness practice.

Want to catch a glimpse of a first hand account of what happens on the Teaching Level 1 weekend? Make sure to check our Heather Regan Addis’ blog post: The Courage to Teach.

Courses Available:

Further course information and booking |  PDF Flyer

- Edinburgh starts 12 October 2019

- London starts 23 March 2019

- Manchester starts 22 September 2018 (ongoing course)

- Samye Ling starts 21 June 2019

Completing this course qualifies you to attend:

Teaching Level 2: MBLC Retreat