Was it a dream? Were Heather and other members of the MA practicing in my lounge last week? Or maybe, the MA has dived into the world of webinars and it was my first swim in one, too.


Thank you to Heather for giving a teaching on Settling and Grounding and leading a practice. It’s always good to reconsider the foundations of the practice, anchoring it a little deeper each time. Jane reminded me of a cheery air traffic controller managing the logistics- guiding us in to our different windows and responding to us raising our flags to ask questions.

Despite the somewhat artificial setting that was created by the wonders of technology, it felt surprisingly warm and welcoming. It was good to see familiar faces on the screen, and recognize the voices of others who were windowless but made their presence felt.   As we practiced together, I became aware of how sleepy I was. Yet, I felt really supported by tangible ‘group energy’ that seemed to keep guiding me back to the present moment and to my curiosity. I was left with a lovely sense of gratitude.

How wonderful to be able to feel that connection without leaving the sofa. 

–written by Mindfulness Association member: Sally Roach

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