I am in Venice teaching the Mindfulness Based Living Course/ Teaching Skills retreat with Elena and Gaia from the Venice centre. There have been high tides this week, and in the mornings, the lobby of my hotel has been flooded. My friends from the centre took me out last night to get some lovely orange over-boots, and this morning the pathway outside my hotel was covered in about 4 inches of water!

IMG_3907     IMG_2509

So, I had some Mindful Walking practice to the centre this morning.The first thing I noticed was how cold the water was around my ankles.Then I noticed that I could only walk very slowly through the water due to the water’s resistance. It was the usual (zombie) speed of Mindful Walking and everyone had to walk at that speed. I was curious and excited to be paddling to the centre, but then my Compassion arose.

Compassion for the owners of the shops and restaurants that were pumping water out of their premises. After a couple of hours, all is back to normal, with floors mopped and all businesses open as usual! A regular occurrence. There will be high tide again tomorrow, so more paddling for me!

A truly Venetian experience! Hopefully, the tide will be normal for our Compassion training next weekend, but I will leave my orange over-boots for Annick, just in case!

Heather Regan-Addis

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