This week I am lucky enough to be going on retreat. It feels quite luxurious and privileged to be getting away for a retreat at this time of year (amidst all of the chaos of the Christmas bustle). However, in all actuality, there is no better time. This got me thinking. There are many people out there, in fact most people, who do not have the option to go on retreat over the holidays. So, how might we bring a wee bit of retreat-feel into the everyday-ness.


This week’s mindfulness challenge is called Christmas Quiet and calls on an intention to choose a moment or two, or maybe a 20 minute period, to retreat from the noise and busy of the season. A mini- in home- retreat of sorts.

We may like to choose our mid morning cup of tea as a ‘retreat’ and move away from the colleagues around the water cooler, or the neighbour who calls in. Or, if we have our morning cup of tea on our own, choose to take it outdoors or some new space connecting in with the sounds of the garden and all around.

Perhaps, we might like to schedule in a shopping break for that big day out of gathering all of the Christmas necessities. Maybe there is a new café that has opened that you have always wanted to try or a park that has been calling out your name to stop and feed the ducks in.

Or, maybe it would be nice to set aside a 20 minute period for the 12 days of Christmas (Dec.25-Jan 5th) to practice in.  A mini retreat of home sitting. A step back from the activity that is happening all around.

We can ask ourselves: How can I retreat within the confines of the bustle? What small steps can I take to find a moment of calm amidst the holiday season?

Let us know how you get on and some ideas that you might have!

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