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I am just home from attending The Compassionate Mind Foundation’s (the work of Prof. Paul Gilbert) annual conference with my colleagues, Alan Hughes, Choden and Fay Adams. It was a lovely few days where we manned a stall for The Mindfulness Association, letting people know about our MSc: Studies in Mindfulness, as well as our non- MSc courses and teaching pathway (for more information, click here).

There were many inspiring talks on Compassion Focused Therapy and working with trauma, with people who hear voices, compassion and gender, and even some very funny research into how compassionate children are, or not, when it comes to sharing stickers!

However, what struck me the most was how international the conference was- there were people from Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia, The States and Canada (and not only me!) It was incredible to see that all throughout the world, there are people who are working hard at creating compassionate societies: something that is not reported in the news too often.

So, I thought it might be interesting to make this week’s challenge a challenge to bring our own compassion into action. Is there one thing that you might do to not only move towards your own suffering and the suffering of others, but to also move towards alleviating it in some way.

I am not talking about giving up a kidney here, but maybe you’ve been trudging to work through a terrible cold- what might you do to respond to your cold more compassionately? Or maybe you have a friend who has been struggling with their own personal upheavals- how might you respond more compassionately?

IMG_5593Maybe you have always wanted to know more about cultivating compassion and living a more compassionate life: you might like to find a course, listen to a Ted Talk, do a practice!

In the words of Pema Chodron, start where you are! But the operative word is START! ?

Together, with all of our small acts and in our own little ways, we can all be part of the creation of compassionate societies!



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