Embodiment in Teaching Mindfulness was the title of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) weekend held over two days recently at Samye Ling. This was a CPD to encourage us to embody our own unique qualities as mindfulness teachers, and was created and facilitated by  Fay Adams, Annick Nevejan and Anna Zubrzycki.  Sadly Annick could not be there (Be well, Annick!); so Ian Rigg stepped in to help.


This was a wonderful weekend of finding our authentic strength when delivering a mindfulness course via heart and backbone, visualisation, movement-and even voice.

As always with these courses, this was much more than a “meeting of minds”, but also a way of being together as a group, relating deeply and compassionately to each other on our mindfulness journey.

Grateful thanks from all who came to all the tutors who delivered this course.

–Graeme Armstrong

One of Graeme’s unique qualities that he brings to the table as a mindfulness teacher is his beautiful poetry. Graeme weaves his words into the fabric of his sessions, which in turn have the capacity to unearth an embodiment that lies just beneath the surface of grasping concepts… Poetry has the ability to create that A-Ha moment or as he so eloquently writes, it can provide

A word in your own ear,

A gentle word

That breaks as dawn breaks into a new day.


The Amygala Whisperer 

A word in your own ear.

At this old gate

We can whisper to vigilance,

To a proud history

Of a protected Kingdom,

To loyal and stubborn soldiers

Alert to a war

Long gone;

Now serving echo and shade

A word in your own ear,

A gentle word

That breaks as dawn breaks into a new day.

Lay down your arms

My lovely

Come her and come home.


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