As part of our support for the tutors at the Mindfulness Association, and any mindfulness teachers in our community, the Mindfulness Association holds CPD weekends on teaching skills. This past weekend we held a CPD weekend that explored the enquiry process that follows the guided practices on our courses. It was a huge success with key themes, such as holding a safe space, mindful embodiment in the role of enquirer, and the importance of trusting emergence within the connection between enquirer and enquiree. We were given plenty of opportunity to practice our enquirer skills, and there was even a bit of role play that illustrated Heather and Fay’s skilful means of handling distress within a group. It was fantastic!


During the breaks, many of our main tutors came together to share a bit about themselves. So, if you ever wondered who our tutors are or were interested in the faces behind the names…take a look!

[wpvideo c2Nyj7AC]


Before things kicked off on Friday evening, we held a tutor day of practice, as well. This provided the opportunity for our tutors to come together to practice, and discuss the progress and direction of the Mindfulness Association. It was a fantastic day of old friends reuniting and sessions of brain storming of how to improve the member’s experience of the Mindfulness Association. There were many ideas that flew around the room, so watch this space!

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