Weekly ChallengeDigest - Endings

Weekly Challenge – Endings

My last blog starts on my last trip up to Manchester.

Every couple of weeks for the past year, I have taken a train up from the south coast and met with the team for some great chats, lots of coffee, some good breakfast sessions and even a bit of work!

It feels natural to write about endings for my last blog post for the MA. Some endings can be sad, some happy, some you want to hold onto and some let go of. What sort of ending is this I ponder? How do I feel about this?

The first thing that bubbles up is that my enquiry and reflection is very different prior to my first course with the MA! I feel ok with this ending. I am grateful for the moments, the opportunity, the people I have met, the discussions, the events, the mini journeys.

I think we can beat ourselves up over endings. Maybe things don’t work out as we hoped or planned, maybe we fear the unknown. But this ending is ok. As, with most endings, often there is a new start. In fact, maybe I have changed how I react to endings.

Whilst life goes on, do endings really end?  Of course, the job stops, the relationship ends, the course finishes etc  But these things are always with us. The actions stop, but the impact remains and this, I believe,  is evident through the practice of Mindfulness.

On our Mindfulness level 1 course, we introduce the observer and for me, as I observe my undercurrent of thoughts, I am aware that the flow contains thoughts of moments from my past, as well as what is happening in my life now and what will happen in the future.

So whilst our actions end, they may always be with us. Reflecting on this, the importance of our held intention starts to reveal itself. But recognising the importance of our intention in our present moment experiences does not make us perfect – well it does make me perfect!

In fact, sometimes I can observe things that I don’t like but being kind, compassionate and inquisitive to what arrises is just as important as the intention that we hold. I think this is something that really started to become apparent after attending our level 2 compassion course.

The compassionate element of our practice is crucial.

This Weeks Challenge

Throughout periods of change, I am sure that compassion-based Mindfulness practice can support us and indeed play a part in our choices and actions.  For this weeks challenge, consider any changes in your life, how will your practice help and influence your endings and beginnings?

For me, as one chapter closes another one opens and recognising intention, responding with compassion in the present moment surely means I  can make the next chapter a good one!