Weekly ChallengeWeekly Digest - Entangled Support

Weekly Challenge – Entangled Support

It is a cold winter December morning and the sun is out, which I always find is a superb contrast. I don’t have a typical festival feeling at the moment and minimal spark of anticipation for the weeks ahead. Although, I do feel lucky and grateful for the quality time I will no-doubt have over the coming weeks.

Noticing that difference in anticipation when compared to previous years is interesting. I always like to compare, switch things around, introduce logic, problem solve, maybe try and fix things – it could be that need that is drawing me into a comparison of myself between this December and other previous December’s. Totally absorbed with the self I came out of this comparison mode concluding that my perceived difference of festive cheer when comparing with previous years doesn’t matter. The sun is out and it is a superb fresh morning.

The underlying feeling I have this morning is support. Breath and Sound support are a key part of our practice and are introduced early in our Mindfulness Being Present course and stay with us throughout our practice.

I have a strong feeling this morning of support. I am aware of the presence of support but not in a way that I can describe very easily. Consciously, we use breath or sound during meditation as a support that brings us to our present moment. However, this morning I feel like support is everywhere and can be found in any moment. Although we identify breath and sound as two separate methods, they serve the same purpose in our practice.

Neri Oxman, architect, designer and professor at the MIT media lab published an essay titled the Age of Entaglement that :

“Proposes a map for four domains of creative exploration—Science, Engineering, Design and Art—in an attempt to represent the antidisciplinary hypothesis: that knowledge can no longer be ascribed to, or produced within, disciplinary boundaries, but is entirely entangled.”

This entanglement and oneness of the four domains of creative exploration encapsulates my feeling of support this morning.  Support is offered up to me in so many different ways, it could be the words in email, a glance from a stranger, a challenging reply to a message, a hobby, a discipline. 

So, maybe, the support of sound and breath in our practice are one of the same thing and the many actions and interactions of our daily moments could also be perceived to be entangled methods of support.

Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. –Eckhart Tolle 

This is a standout phrase from Eckhart Tolle and bringing myself back to this phrase, again, I often, find support when accepting a moment as if I had chosen it. Even in difficult moments.

So, this morning, I feel that support is a connective thread of entangled oneness and can appear in many different ways and moments. Part of me wants to challenge or question how I could find support in a difficult moment. Particularly in a disagreement, an undesired outcome or receiving some difficult news. But if I reflect on these moments, there is often a signpost, an insight or a bit of growth – which in itself feels like support.

Support, I think, can also be offered up to others in so many different ways. Questioning, listening, considering can be great ways to support those that you come into contact with. I guess the more awareness we have of support, the more we can offer it up to others.

This Weeks Challenge

This week, I am going to set the intention of accepting the present moment as if I had chosen it. Using the skills learnt in my mindfulness Being Present course I may identify some insights, signposts or growth. If any of the moments are difficult I am sure there are some nuggets of wisdom from our compassion course that will come in handy!

For this weeks challenge I invite you to accept the present moment as if I you had chosen it. Consider support and maybe use your mindfulness and compassion practice in these moments.

Until next week 

Warm wishes