Warm greetings to you all! What do they say about travelling? It’s not about the destination, but the journey itself. Well, I am mid journey. I am on my way to the far reaches of Northern Canada and my cabin, where I hope to enjoy some downtime after our hugely successful Summer Conference!

Funny, when I mentioned to my youngest son that travelling is not about the destination but the journey, he scoffed. He could not see the learning or the wonder in 7 hour long plane rides and jet lag. I suggested that perhaps the delight was to come in the next leg of the trip- a stop- over on my old childhood home- which reminded me of a challenge I wrote a while back…

This week’s Mindfulness Challenge is called Family Follies.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people in this world that the minute you step into their company you revert back to another version of self, perhaps an older version of self? A version that was very much alive in the presence of this person at one time and continues to be every time you meet.

This ‘role playing’ can happen with family members, old friends and even pets. It’s almost as if their ingrained in our psyche. It can feel like our auto-pilot or a default mode kicks in. Or perhaps, we simply don’t want to disappoint the other with presenting something new. Sometimes, we can become quite attached to how our relationships play out, and slip into a nostalgia of sorts. Only, by doing so, we are usually suppressing some part of ourselves that has grown, changed and evolved.

For this week, perhaps we can see if we can catch these triggers that can pull us into this ‘role playing’. Or indeed, we might be able to become the observer and watch how we role play, and in doing so, we can look at the habitual tendency to slip into auto-pilot in certain familiar relationships.

Then, we can ask our self ‘How do I feel about what I am seeing?’  or  ‘How do I feel about what I am feeling?’ We can notice what comes up in the body, our thoughts and emotions and see if we can meet this with acceptance and kindness.

Let us know how you get on!


Post Script: So far, what I have noticed is it feels real good to feel the loving arms of my Canadian family, and to revert back to my daughter role. I’ve arrived to all of my favourite comfort foods and the deliciousness of a Canadian prairie sunset. Let’s see how the week unfolds! ?


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