This afternoon, I was in a Skype call with a colleague when I noticed the sound of birds singing coming from his screen. He was also a bit distracted, gazing out the window. When I asked him what he was so engrossed with, he replied ‘Spring’.


The early shoots of Spring have sprung.

We then spoke of the changing light, the different bulbs we were noticing and the warmer air that had moved in (some) afternoons. There was a sense of lightness to our mood and hope in our conversation, which ultimately led to the question:

What if Spring was not merely a distraction that we gazed at through our window, but a pure moment in which we revelled in? A moment to, as Rick Hanson says, savour.

Interestingly, Spring has been pulling me out of my Winter quarters. Over the past week, I have been taking all of my tea breaks outdoors, touching in with the life that is moving all around me. I have also been finishing my work day with a walk through a wood, alongside a river, fully enjoying the lengthening days.

I have been harkening to the call of Spring.

What I’ve noticed is an increase in my mood and a slow returning of an energy that seems to have been in hibernation for the last number of weeks. Listening, tasting and submerging myself in the turning of the season has been rejuvenating.

Therefore, this week’s challenge is to harken to the call of Spring. Can we make room in our day to take ourselves outdoors, to simply notice all of the sometimes small and sometimes big changes that are happening in the natural world around us? Can we set the intention to notice the changing flora on the drive, bus, train, walk, to work or to the shops? Can we listen for the birds in the early morning? Can we experience the pure moment of the first shoots of Spring?

Let us know how you get on!


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  1. Thank you Jane, I am a real spring junkie. Flowers, colour, bird song, I can’t resist tuning in to it. It is also my birthday at this time of year and I have always wondered whether that plays some part in it. Anyway, it is always good to look up at the sky when it’s a lovely clear blue and just realise how lucky we are to be able to revel in it – we are truly are blessed. I also have to work a lot of evenings and last night was the first time it was still light when I went out to teach my class. Life is short and we must stay awake!

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