Christmas came to the Mindfulness Association HQ this week!


After a weekend of MSc teachings in Samye Ling, Heather and I made our way down to Whaley Bridge for Helen’s going away party/ our Christmas lunch. On Monday, Helen and I worked our last day together in the office before she headed off for her maternity leave. We had a great day together! Helen is fantastic company. I wish her a rejuvenative break filled with the grace and wonderment of becoming a mother. We will all miss her dearly.


Helen and Heather..the sisters!

Then, on Tuesday, Heather, her husband Mark and I took the train up to Manchester City where we met Helen and Hannah for our Christmas lunch. The mood was jovial and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about Manchester. This city that came in to its own during Victorian times was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and many social activist movements that rose alongside it. It was so wonderful to bring ‘beginner’s mind’ to our Christmas get away.

Hannah, Mark and I

Hannah, Mark and I

We had a wonderful time that was filled with much cheer and relaxation. May you all find the opportunity to share a coffee or a drink with those that are near and dear to you this holiday season.

The Mindfulness Association HQ gang

The Mindfulness Association HQ gang

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