Recently, I was in Dublin airport standing next to a mother with her 8 children. Yes, you read that right- 8 children. One of her kids was going on and on about some complaint as they all stood waiting in line for some thing or another. And the mother, in exasperation, exclaimed,

 “In the words of freakin’ Frozen, ‘Let it Go!’”


I nearly spit out my coffee. I was shocked by her language, but her children were not. They simply stopped in silence, looked at each other and everyone, including the mother, started laughing. They let it go. Not only of the complaint, but of the tension and irritation that comes with travel and waiting around (did I mention with 8 children?)

A small smile crept on to my face and I vowed to watch the movie. Ok- I still haven’t, but I have been thinking a lot about just letting it go. Letting go of what? Well, trying to control how others see me, how I see myself, of expectations that I’ve placed on others, on expectations that I have placed on myself, on fears… fears that have and probably will continue to play a role in dictating my life.

Sure! I would love to! But this poses the question- how easy is it to ‘in the words of freakin’ Frozen, to let it go?’

For me, it’s not…

BUT, what I have noticed, since the song has been playing over and over in my head, is that when the fears become too much, when the expectations take over, we can bring our mindfulness practice in to help us.

In the song, Elsa cries “Let the storm rage on- the cold never bothered me anyway”.

Can we notice the storm, the expectations, the fears raging on, while not letting them bother us? Can we bring mindful awareness to this experience and still rest in the midst of it all? Can we find our breath and use the discomfort as a support and rest as they swirl in our midst? Can we let them go?

This week’s challenge is to notice when we are starting to get overwhelmed with fears and expectations and to see what it might be like to let them go. To let go of the constriction we have around them- the tight hold on control that really is an illusion. Can we notice when it is happening and laugh like that mother and her 8 children?


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