Weekly Challenge

I started to write this blog on the notes app on my phone. Plotted up in a coffee shop down a busy shopping street, full of cafes and characters.

It has been a while since I wrote, I have been caught up, an interesting phrase, on other work and today I decided to leave my desk and see if the passing locals and cafe characters gave me some inspiration!

As I walked down the road, I was approached by someone who was selling a flower subscription service. I probably wasn’t her main target audience. However, on reflection of this sales pitch and looking at all the shops in the road decorating their storefronts with hanging baskets and flower pots on the tables I found it strange that we like to control nature in this way. Or maybe nature is controlling us. Maybe we are nature!

I am not anti-flowers, gardens or subscription services but I did start to question why we decorate and curate our homes, businesses, parks, monuments with elements from nature. It looks nice but beyond that, why do we do it?

When we are thinking of our homes, businesses and other aspects of our modern day lives we are rarely present. Planning, preparing, preventing, consuming, avoiding, grasping….we are good at not being present.

Maybe the need for a flower subscription service is to incorporate an aspect of nature into our daily lives. This, in turn, helps bring us to the present…..looking at nature and appreciating it can bring us very much into the present moment.

On a recent compassion course, it was suggested that we really take notice of present moment experiences. It was a windy and sunny day in London and with the park opposite Samye Dzong, plenty of lunchtime present moment experiences presented themselves!

Those simple present moments of being can be the big moments of gratitude.

Maybe, by putting flowers in our daily lives, nature is saying “stop thinking about your trip to Berts home store or musing over the menu at Marina’s coffee house, just enjoy me in this moment”

We don’t need to subscribe to a flower subscription service to appreciate nature.

Nature can spring out of a crack in the pavement and bring one into the present moment, a tree blowing, a kite surfer on the waves, a change in the light as the sun sets, finding shelter from the rain. It’s natures way. Always bringing us back to the present.

I am still writing this on my phone and recently I have been very aware of people being locked onto their screens. I have spent way too much time in front of one and realised that the first thing I look at every morning is my phone.

So, I am trying a new routine.

Before I go into a daily digital wormhole of emails, news feeds, screenshots, advertising and images I will check outside and let nature bring me to the present moment – what a great start to the day!

Where possible, I have decided to spend some time outside with the elements before I have any screen time. There is something wonderful about greeting the new day, but I suspect that, like me, this has been lost and a large chunk of the population start the day with screen time and the day is ignored!

For this weeks challenge I invite you to see how nature and the elements can be there for you and bring you back to your life’s present moments.

Until next time, enjoy your flowers.

All the best