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Weekly Challenge

This week’s blog has been typed out a bit more last-minute than usual.

Blog and writing ideas tend to come along as a result of observations and experiences during the time leading up to writing it, I like to have a bit of time to reflect on these observations and experiences.

That has not happened this week, so I decided to do a very quick recap on what had stood out over the last week or so:

 – I appreciated 3 pictures in my hotel room. A lone elephant taking his path, a needle on a record and a wise statement, all 3 pictures linked together on the theme of carving a path

 –   Recollections of a designer talking about creations and creating – the work is never finished

   An unexpected old picture sent from a friend 

   Wisdom, beliefs and teachings that popped up in unexpected ways

 – The meaning behind a unique Mon (a Japanese emblem) was revealed to me, which, it turned out, had some commonalities with other recent learnings

 – A radical physics writer and his beliefs, so different and unusually niche – yet the essence of his writings were so consistent with other works and teachings

Being aware of our present moment experiences can be valuable in so many ways.

What I have experienced in the last couple of weeks is, in the midst of the busyness of life are the little quick moments of guidance and signposting. These can support the task I am working on, the decision I have to make or even just the general flow of my day.

Moments in our day can zip by at what can feel like an alarming rate. Awareness of our moments in our fast-paced lives become more frequent with a sustained mindfulness practice, that is my experience. 

Sitting in the hub of the wheel whilst everything flies past – news, people, messages, emails, phone calls, books, opinions, announcements can seem like a super busy whirlwind at times. But there are wonderful moments to be had in this fast-paced whirlwind!

Alan is doing a sit this week on joy (head over to our members page if you want to know more about our membership), my screen saver today popped up with a little message about joy, just by complete coincidence – maybe. In our busy fast-paced life, being present in our moments can be a joyous thing. 

The news might be a drainer, your job has thrown up a little challenge, the important phone call might arrive in the middle of mealtime – whatever little fast-paced communications zip through your day it can still be a joyful moment.

 – Lucky we are to have the choice to access news and information, however ugly or uncomfortable that news maybe. 

– How wonderful it is to sit down to that meal

– How great it is to have a team to express your success’s and woe’s to over a coffee

Our practice can help us become aware of the moment. The more of these moments we have the more potential we have for joy, gratitude and I believe a lot of growth. 

This Weeks Challenge

I am going to continue my practice and when difficult news, communications or tasks arrive, recognise the moment and be aware of the joy and gratitude they hold. I invite you to do the same this week. 

If you have a busy whirlwind passing throughout your day or week, be in the moment, maybe it holds a teaching, a signpost or some joy and gratitude that may not be immediately obvious.

Until next time

Warm wishes