This week’s Mindfulness Challenge follows the lead of last week’s Skyscape in that this week’s challenge is to Look up and Look out.

Last week’s challenge invited us to use the morning Skyscape as a support for bringing us into the present, touching in with our internal weather report, taking a few moments to ask the question of what it is that we need in this moment.

This week’s challenge is to find a few moments in the day to stop what we are doing or absorbed in and to look up and look out. Often-times, we can become so involved in our day to day tasks of chores, or working on a computer, or perhaps even reading that our focus becomes tight and restricted. We might even start to block out all of the things that are happening around us.


Sometimes, we can feel this tight focus in our eyes. I noticed this tightness one day as I was hiking with a friend. We were climbing a mountain, head down, caught up in conversation and watching the placement of our feet. As we got to the top of the mountain and looked up and looked out, my friend remarked ‘it’s like healing for the eyes- can’t you feel the release?’. And I did. By broadening out my attention and my focus, the muscles around my eyes softened and my shoulders dropped. It felt like an exhale.

So this week’s challenge is to take the time, when involved with the task at hand, to stop what we are doing in order to give our eyes a bit of therapy by looking up and looking out.

Let us know you get on!

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  1. Thanks Jane. So true. Reminds me of the exercise in ‘How to train a wild elephant’ about being mindful of the space around things, such as around the tops of trees….

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