Here we are! Happy and smiling after the 5 day MBLC retreat in Venice.

We had a great time together; it was challenging but really worthwhile. I feel so
grateful for the time we spent together. I learned so much from all of you! And
it was really wonderful to share this experience with Heather and Elena.
One of the participants told us that the weather was like a metaphor: the first
four days it was raining and cold as we were, while moving through this intense
retreat. However, on the last day, we were blessed with bright sunshine in the clear, blue sky. I would like to thank everyone for this wonderful experience we shared together,
and hope to see you all again soon!



Mindfulness c/o Kagyu Samye Dzong Venezia
Fondamenta Tolentini 180/A – 30135 Venezia
tel. 3398250370

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