A Message from Heather Regan Addis:

I am on the train home from teaching on the second weekend of the University of Aberdeen’s MSc in Mindfulness Studies. Tired and joyful. It was an inspirational weekend with deep sharing and lots of insights arising.

We were working with the limiting emotions of anger, desire and jealousy. We practiced dropping the story-line around emotion and looking directly at the energy of the emotion to see what happens.

We also practiced mixing the antidotes with the emotions: loving kindness with anger; compassion with desire; and joy with jealousy. Both are skillful ways of working when these emotions arise.

To end the weekend, we all sat out in the sunshine with blankets, under a clear blue sky to practice resting in awareness, beautifully led by Vin, experiencing the space around us, accompanied by a friendly robin.

This was David McMurtry’s last weekend on the Msc, as he leaves the university in December to move to Croatia. He was involved right from the beginning of the Msc and has worked tirelessly to support our students, making the MSc the success it is. He will be missed, but we wish him all good things and hope to support him in his wish to bring mindfulness to that part of the world.



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