Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge

Last week Jacky wrote a beautiful description of her mindful January weekend in nature and asked you to share yours….

Those moments in nature are amazing….

That freeing smile and laugh as you walk around the corner to be greeted by the day’s sunset.

That breeze that captures you and blows you out of your thoughts and straight into that moment.

A mindful moment in nature is often, for me, accompanied by a dollop of gratitude and certainly, that is a re-occurring theme for me at the moment, particularly after starting work at the MA.

My first Blog

My experience in digital was a key factor in starting work for the MA. But, somehow, I find myself at my desk one beautiful Sunday morning considering my first blog post…….

My first blog post?

How have I arrived at this point?

What do you write in your first blog post?

What do you write in your first blog post on behalf of an association that provides world-class mindfulness training? An association with decades of collective experience and knowledge?

I look through the /our-people page of the website:

  •    Training in psychology
  •    An honorary fellow of the University of Aberdeen
  •    Explores the interface between Buddhist and Evolution
  •    Business Mentoring
  •    Teacher of the MSC programme
  •    Years of Training

The list could go on and on, the skill-sets and experience pop out of the web page at me…

What authority do I have to write a blog post about mindfulness?

Aside from the lack of experience and practice, I start to realise other thoughts are also there. How do you make your first blog post impactful, how do you set the right tone of voice, how do you engage?

Should it be like a politicians inauguration and set the standard and the tone for all blog posts to come? (Is it here I mention hard and soft exits…)

Maybe it is like a band’s first album? Create the iconic first album resulting in critical acclaim only to amass swaths of pressure on oneself followed by a second album flop.


Create a terrible first album and move onto something else!

I open a new tab in my browser – the screen flashes up with a photo of the High Tatras mountains, ‘Good Afternoon Duncan’ is overlayed in white text across the photo, at the bottom of the screen a quote of the day tells me “All things are difficult before they are easy”…… Well, that is some comfort….

Maybe the second post will be a little less difficult and a bit easier.

I am off to sit in my chair.

Hear the Gong.

Soften, Sooth and Allow those first blog post thoughts!

Maybe for this weeks challenge you could reflect on first time challenges.

Are there any firsts in your life at the moment? Maybe a newborn on the horizon, or are you contemplating a first date? or maybe a black graded ski-run! Let us know how you get on.

Warm regards,




  1. HI Duncan Thanks for a great opening blog. It made me chuckle a couple of times, so keep up the good work! Working for the MA is a special job indeed. I hope you have fun, and relish ever minute. Susan x

  2. Thank you Susan, I am glad that you liked it. Jacky will be sending out this week’s blog so I have a little more time to work on the second one!

    All the best

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