Season’s Turn

Today is September 1st and what feels like the turning of a season. The days are getting cooler, schools and universities are back and who can avoid the return of the Xfactor?


Well, we here at the Mindfulness Association can. 🙂 In doing so, as part of my (Jane) practice, I like to set intention and motivation at the start of a new term/period. This past weekend, which many were calling the last of summer’s sunshine, I sat and watched the changing landscape around me. After settling into meditation, I dropped in the question ‘What is my intention and motivation for this autumn period?’ Some intentions were clear, while others eluded me. What did come into my field of vision, I wrote down. It should be interesting to see how these intentions play out over the next few months. Perhaps, you could do the same, and in doing so, I wish you all a wonderful transition from the warmth of the summer heat to the cool crisp autumn days.





A lot is happening in MA HQ with Hannah starting work today. She is learning Helen’s job before Helen goes on maternity leave in December. But, I’m missing this and going to Holy isle for a few days of retreat.


During the 6 hour drive, I had a wonderful time listening to Pema Chodron’s audio book “Awakening Compassion”, which is about the seven points of mind training (Lojong) and the practice of Tonglen. Anyone wanting a reality check for their Compassion practice and gentle, practical advice on how to cultivate Compassion in the modern world should listen to this, or Chodron’s book “Start Where You Are” on the same subject. After my drive, I felt more trust in the practices and a realisation of how we are all together in this mess of the human condition.


Have a great week everyone!!!

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