Often times, when practicing a guided sitting meditation, you may hear the invitation to adopt a posture that reflects a sense of dignity, or a sense of purpose. Jon Kabat Zinn refers to this as “’taking a stand’, even though you are sitting”. He explains that “there is a strong sense of honouring place, placement of body and mind and moment”.


This invitation to ‘take a stand’ in our seat, needn’t be restricted to sitting meditation. We might find ourselves sitting at a desk, on a bus, in a car or at a dinner table and decide to adopt a position that reflects a sense of dignity and respect that we can bring to the moment we are inhabiting. In this way, we can start to bring our practice to many moments in our day, gradually working towards a more and more mindful way of being in all that we do.

The week’s Mindfulness Challenge is to use our seat, or the times in the day when we find ourselves sitting, to adopt an alert yet relaxed posture that embodies our intention to be mindfully engaged in whatever task we find ourselves at. So, seeing if we can use the position of sitting as a reminder to bring in our practice of mindful awareness to the moment.


As we sit, we can touch in with body sensations, thoughts, emotions as well as our external environment- noticing when our focus has we’ve wandered off and bringing it back to that friend across the table, the computer screen, or even THE ROAD.

Let us know how you get on!

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  1. Thank you for elaborating on this often slightly confusing instruction. It seems a helpful challenge to try now that the meaning is clearer.

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