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“Youth is wasted on the young”, “Children should be seen and not heard”. There are various phrases and sayings about youth. Now, I don’t have children, maybe one day, but I appreciate, respect and understand the need to bring up your kids with the morals, ideals and values that you believe in.

We have evolved to hold an instinct of values, attitude and what is right and wrong. We attempt to impress upon, inspire, teach, force, guide, help and support our children to know and do what we perceive to be right. We are shaping and influencing their minds – i think we still have much to learn, particularly in the area of education, inspiration and leading our young.

However, these qualities we like to bestow on our young can so often be overlooked by ourselves.

This post was inspired by a trip to the coffee shop on an average working morning. Watching the coffee shop Barista grind the coffee, flick the espresso switch and steam the milk for what must seem, at times, like an endless stream of orders for latte’s, cappuccinos, flat whites and long blacks. It looked like the orders would never stop coming in!

Watching him at work and his interactions with his customers I got a sense that he was a little disconnected and agitated – understandable in the cirumstances. Making and serving 60 coffee’s an hour at 8 am for 5 mornings a week could get somewhat repetitive.

On this particular morning, the lady in front of me ordered a drink for her daughter. I can’t remember the drink but it was, I would guess, a fairly typical request from a young girl of about 6 years old. It had cream and marshmallows and chocolate – sugar and spice and all things nice, I think is the phrase!

The girl asked, in a very excitable way for the marshmallow to be put in first. She was polite, enthusiastic, anticipating and happy, not spoilt. The Barista’s energy changed instantly, I had a sense that the girl’s enthusiasm had impacted him in a way that he was not even aware of. He made that drink with love and happiness and presented it to the girl who was so happy. As the mum and daughter walked off, I heard the mum express “How amazing the drink looked” and she was right. To interact with love and happiness has amazing results!

That interaction between girl and Barista got me thinking. We have a responsibility to raise our kids as we see fit, however, a lot can be learnt from children. They constantly remind us of the importance of enthusiasm, love and the embrace of the new. I find it interesting that I had a feeling that the Barista was not consciously aware of the impact that this little girl had made to his morning.

Our practice of compassion can really have a positive impact on our lives and those we come into contact with – even if they don’t know it.

The positive traits and attributes that we bestow on our young are important, we have much to teach them. However, we often forget or lose these attributes in our everyday interactions. In a sense, we do not always practice what we preach. Children have much to teach us. For this week’s challenge take their mindset into your day and embrace the changes!

Enjoy your coffee (or tea)

Peace and Blessings



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