A Message from Heather Regan-Addis


My Lojong card this morning (from Pema Chodron’s Compassion box) says ‘This time practice the main points’. The main points are:

1. Seeking to help others is more important than only looking out for yourself.

2. Practicing what your teacher has taught you is more important than scholarly study.

3. Awakening Compassion is more important than any other spiritual practice.

I have taken this card out of the pack twice this week! The card spookily seems to tell me just what I need to hear! So my priority is to practice these main points. I am also aware that we can rejoice that in our lives we have the opportunity and inclination to practice. So many are less fortunate than we are in this respect.

So, the invitation is to explore the  question ‘What’s your practice priority right now?’


Heather Regan-Addis

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