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The Picture

Today I am pondering pictures. If you are lucky enough to have spent some time with close family or friends over the last few weeks there may have been a snapper amongst you. Maybe you  are the snapper!

Capturing those precious family festive meal time moments, the Boxing Day walk or the novelty hat that Santa delivered down the chimney can all be recalled on various digital devices and platforms. We can take action shots, family shots, panoramic views, pets, presents, food. There are many options and endless devices and digital storage.

My pondering of photography came about after viewing a picture and feeling that viewing it didn’t quite live up to the experience of living that photographical moment. It occurred to me that these wonderful moments captured on camera are a bit like the rise and and fall of our thoughts.

We tend to snap these moments in our lives and show them off. Maybe a lot of photography is capturing the thoughts and moments we like to observe, share and revisit. They are the moments that we like to show in our social feeds, to friends and tend to gravitate and cling on too. But in general we don’t photograph the moments we don’t like or we have some aversion to.

When we practice Mindfulness we start to observe our thoughts. Maybe a lot of photography is capturing the thoughts and moments we like to observe, share and revisit. Of course there are photographers that do photograph the uncomfortable, the tragic and  difficult moments – which can often bring awareness and amazing change.

I recently watched a monthly teaching from the Mindfulness Associations’s monthly members online sit – sign up here. Choden was taking about general advice on meditation, he mentioned that when we observe the ocean we can see that all the waves are different, but behind each wave is the ocean.

I wonder if photography is a bit like this. Each photo is different but behind each photo is the life and the experience of the photographer or the subject. Maybe in a beautiful panoramic shot it’s nature behind the photograph.

Part of training in Compassion based Mindfulness is cultivating a kindness to what arises. Maybe within our filtered feed of wonderful pictures we could include the difficult moments and bring a kindness to them all, surely they all play their part.


This Weeks Challenge

For this weeks challenge I am going to use my practice to become aware of my filtered our difficult moments. If or when I become aware of those moments, I will bring a little bit of kindness to them and include all these times as part of my experience.

I invite you to do the same

Warm wishes until next time