Weekly ChallengeBalance Weekly Challenge

What shall I write about this week? 

Time for a rebalance.

I was sitting on a train recently, observing the number of people locked into their screens. Maybe, I could write about that or even the BBC’s new nature program and our impact on our surroundings?

It’s a beautiful Autumn morning. The sky is blue, the light brilliant and there is a glimpse of Autumn trees from behind the pebble dash of the flat that I can see from my window.

I have decided to lead with the BBC’s nature program. Looking out at this mornings beauty, it was the only choice. There was a 3rd option about a plane journey and a food accident but that is probably for a different blog…

Looking out at the seagull indulging in the morning sunlight and recalling last nights nature program there was a phrase that really jumped out at me at the time and it comes back again this morning.

“We are rebalancing Nature”

I thought it was a wonderful phrase, the context was around the damage that we have done to the planet but also some of the great work that is going on to counterbalance that damage. Maybe there are threads linked to Equanimity. The damage to nature and the restorative work towards balance maybe has some connections with Equanimity.

This “rebalance of nature” can also be applied to ourselves, I think. It seems like a lot of people are looking for a rebalance. Ultimately this has to be a good thing – if we feel we need a rebalance and actively work on this. Then, in our own way, are we working on rebalancing nature by working on ourselves? 

In this mornings moment, looking out of the window. Everything it seemed was in balance and perfect. However, I can’t sit and admire the beauty of the morning for the next few hours. I can fully appreciate that moment but at some point, that has to end and the day to day has to begin.

I guess that is why a lot of people start a Mindfulness Practice. They are looking for a rebalance.

From observing and being kind to ourselves and others, taking in the good, our compassionate mess. There are some wonderful values, learnings and teachings that arise from starting a Mindfulness journey and the teaching of the Mindfulness Association.

Part of that practice, for me, is taking that into my own life. Whatever that path is and wherever it takes me, being the best I can and allowing the cultivation of our mindfulness practices attributes and values is best for my being and therefore all that we come into contact with.

It may also be a way, for some, to contribute to the rebalance of nature 

This weeks challenge – Time for a Rebalance

For this week’s challenge, I invite you to look at how you might want to work on a rebalance if you feel it is needed.

What would you like or what do you need to rebalance? Maybe do something for yourself? 

Give yourself a break or some time, choose something that nourishes you, something that may add to your practice or your being.

We are all part of nature and everything and everyone needs a rebalance from time to time.

Warm wishes until next time