Weekly Challenge

Health and Wellness have been circling my thoughts, observations and reflections over the last few weeks.

During this time I have been on a family holiday, had a weekend at the Mindfulness Association conference, completed 4 days trekking in the mountains, spent some time in a city I had never visited, contributed to good causes, listened to other peoples stories, made some new friends and met up with old friends.

What a privilege – some amazing experiences that I am ever so grateful for. All of these moments impacted my health and wellbeing and I suspect are the reason I am writing this.

A big part of practising mindfulness and compassion is learning about ourselves and others. For me, the unfolding awareness of my experiences, nuances, reactions, behavioural patterns are intrinsically linked together.

As we practice, we learn more – there is a sense of a shared universal experience. This sense can often be lost when we flitter from past to future grasping at whatever arises at the time.

A lot of our undercurrent includes themes, subjects, images, conversations of what we see each day and as our consumption of media grows – maybe so, does our undercurrent.

A big part of media, marketing and the latest products is health. Good health = Happiness (at least that what is sold to us). We have endless messages, products, services, medicines, exercise, apps, books, trainers to make us more healthy.

If we dissect this a bit, what is good health?

5 vegetables a day? 

10000 steps on your Fitbit?

Minimal sugar intake?

The products and services for good health (happiness) are perfect undercurrent material. Fixing what we don’t want and giving us what we ‘need’.

As a general rule, we perceive our health management as separate entities, or at least we often address them in that way. Our health is viewed as separate entities often when being sold products or services to ‘fix’ us or make us better. These products target physical health, emotional wellbeing, and mental health plus many other factors. 

Mental health, physical health, emotional health – maybe they are not separate entities but in fact one of the same. I wonder if one day we will look at health management as a whole rather than the segmented individual separatist approach that I perceive at times. We need to look at our health and well being as a unified global entity. 

The practice of mindfulness, compassion and loving-kindness maybe one of the best things we can do for our universal health. 

The stand out phrases from my Mindfulness Being Present course was “intention and attitude” , I can still picture Alan saying that now – it was said with such intention and attitude!

The intention and attitude towards are own actions are part of our health and contributes to our universal health. Adopting mindfulness, compassion and applying our practice to our lives and actions is good for us all.

This Weeks Challenge

This weeks challenge is to contribute to our universal health through working on your own health.

What has been arising for you in your practice?  

Work on yourself, bring some creative moments to your life, get physical, learn something, work on something difficult – it could be a new skill, a situation in a relationship, a physical challenge, something that you have been avoiding.

Hold compassion and loving-kindness in your practice and actions. The more healthy you are the more healthy we all are.

Warm wishes and good health.

Until next time