Welcome to the new Mindfulness Association Blog!

I am just out of HQ in Whaley Bridge, and after much deliberation and brain storming of how we can regularly bring you new online material, we decided to create a blog! It is our wish to deliver a space that holds mindful musings, inspiring stories and engaging images. So, if you happen upon any kind of material that fits this description, email me at membership@mindfulnessassociation.net ! Let’s make this a collaborative initiative.

And…to start things off, our new competition is ‘Just Blog’! Write us up a blog post that focuses on mindfulness and compassion and that we can use on our new MA blog, and the entry that generates the most comments wins a weekend of teachings from the Mindfulness Association! Channel your inner journalist and get your writing cap on!

Email all entries to membership@mindfulnessassociation.net


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