What to do when you are stuck?


There is nothing to write about today. I am stuck!

I have read some blog posts and referred back to some previous course manuals. Reading these things usually inspires me, well they always inspire me, but they can often help with my writing. Not today!

Sometimes, I find that when I have something to finish and things aren’t going my way I can, at times switch into toddler mode – fewer tantrums, more mutterings! 

At times, I can stubbornly carry on with my locked on task until it is completed, but that doesn’t tend to work for me and I tend not to be so happy with the end result. Today’s blog writing topic is not arising for me, which is starting to frustrate me. Usually, something starts to formulate after a few minutes of reflection. 

Moving from my desk to my chair, I grabe a green tea and listen to the sounds of a recent rain shower dripping from a gutter nearby.

Of course, that is what you do when you are stuck – change what you are doing.

The simple act of moving from desk to chair and taking in the moment allowed that space for some gratitude and the stuck and frustrated desk moment was gone. I still don’t know what to write about, but at least I am now writing!

I have read of a scientist taking a break from an unresolved formula. By indulging in the practice of his favourite musical instrument, the answers he was so intently and desperately seeking for hours or days before suddenly presented themselves. The neuroscientists amongst us surly have some sound evidence and reasons for this, unfortunately, whilst I find it a fascinating subject I am not qualified to comment on the science.

However, I am sure a lot of us have had answers arise after a good nights sleep or a response to a question that was raised in our practice bubble up days later. 

The locked on, focused, stubborn, frustrating persona that can arise, particularly around completing work, getting answers and figuring things out can so often be helped and softened by a pause, a change of action and a mindful moment.

Gratitude has been bubbling up a lot for me recently. It has a bit of a snowball effect, it grows and builds.

I have thanks for that moment of getting stuck. In fact, I also have thanks for my previous enforced pit stops, pauses and hurdles and no doubt the ones I will have in the future. My gratitude may not be so free-flowing in my moments of peak toddler “stuckness”. But if I pause or stop and take in the moment I am sure that gratitude will not be far away.


Sympathetic Joy 

On our Level 2 course, responding with compassion, we talk about contemplating the 4 limitless qualities, one of which is Sympathetic Joy. There are some wonderful teachings and snippets in the course manual and I like to revisit them from time to time.

On contemplating gratitude it occurred to me how close it is linked to sympathetic joy and re-reading some of the course notes, this sentence really popped out.

 “it involves cultivating a sense of delight and gratitude for all that we are and all that we have, rather than dwelling in the poverty mentality of always wanting things to be better or different. We begin to cultivate the habit of noticing and rejoicing in the details of our lives ”

“We can begin to notice that even in the most difficult times – periods of grief, sadness or loss – there are many joyful moments that we can learn to notice and appreciate.”


So there we have it, this weeks blog turned out to be about getting stuck and how grateful I am for these moments. 


Weekly Challenge

For this week’s challenge I invite you to reflect on any stuck moments you have had in the last week. Maybe at work, maybe with a friend, maybe on a goal you have set yourself. 

Allow yourself a pause, is there any gratitude there?

Warm wishes until next time