As Autumn settles in and takes its place, the wind of change can often be seen all around us. For instance, a warm summer breeze may have shifted into a cooler version of itself, or perhaps the green leaves we once saw blowing in the wind at the tops of trees are now swirling in a vortex of air, brown and dead.


Changes can also mean the physical move towards more indoor pursuits; such as, taking up new courses (check out our Autumn courses at Samye Ling here), children returning back to school and maybe even the start of a slight shift towards our inner landscape. Often, when the leaves start changing, I start to feel a pull towards the quiet and stillness that comes with winter. While this pull starts as a whispering, it can end with many intentions being set for an enriched meditation practice.

This week, the challenge is to set the intention to use the wind, whether it be the sound of wind, the sensation of wind on your skin or the smells that wind may bring, as a support for mindful attention of the changing Autumn days. Whenever we notice the wind, perhaps we can stop for a one- minute pause to notice what is happening all around us. If we are outdoors, we might want to pay attention to signs of Autumn that we can see. Or if we are indoors and hear the wind, we might want to check in with our internal weather and pay some mindful attention to how we are feeling. Wherever we are, we can ask ourselves: What sensations do we feel in the body? What is our emotional state? What is our reaction to the wind that we are witnessing?

And maybe we can even set a few intentions to sit a little bit longer or more frequently on that cushion.


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