The Everyone Project

Mindfulness for all

The Everyone Project is a partnership between the Mindfulness Association CIC and the Hart Knowe Trust, which is a registered charity. The project is managed by Vin Harris, Heather Regan-Addis and Chloe Homewood.

Despite the current popularity of mindfulness, which is largely due to its efficacy having been robustly researched, the UK demographic engaging in mindfulness training is currently overwhelmingly self-funding professionals. This is apparent from those paying to attend the Mindfulness Association’s courses and also from the focus of the recent All Party Parliamentary Group on mindfulness.

“The Everyone Project” is committed to addressing this imbalance, by offering the eight week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) to groups who are not otherwise able to access mindfulness interventions, for financial or other reasons. These groups might include those on a low wage or unemployed, poor and/or isolated elderly people, carers and disability groups.

By working with its team of over 300 trained mindfulness teachers, the project will oversee the allocation of qualified mindfulness teachers to deliver the eight-week Mindfulness Based Living Course and will generate interest by organizing annual weekends for mindfulness teachers interested in working on this project.  As a means of contributing to the growing body of research on the value of mindfulness practice in general, we will collect data from these courses in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the eight week Mindfulness Based Living Course for these groups. This research, which is overseen by Alan Hughes, will focus in particular on wellbeing, dealing with difficulty and the development of values.

The project will provide grant funding towards tutor fees, teacher travel and facility hire costs, manual and CD copying costs, for each course, and to cover administrative fees for the handling and assessing of applications. Ideally applications will include a contribution of resources from a partnering organisation so that groups who could not otherwise afford it can have access to the benefits of mindfulness training at no cost.

Know of a group who could benefit? Or are you a teacher looking for funding?

If you know of a group that would fit the above criteria or if you are a qualified MBLC teacher and would like to apply for funding to teach the MBLC course, please contact Chloe Homewood via email: