Mindfulness Association- Come Practice with Us!

We are a not-for-profit organisation
that aims to provide mindfulness training
which is accessible for all
We have an ethical motivation:
our training maintains a consistent focus
on how we can benefit ourselves
so as to benefit those around us
We believe that compassion is transformative:
all of our curricula are compassion-based
and all of our tutors are trained in compassion
Our trainings are recognised and respected: we work to develop and adhere to
best practice in the UK
Courage to Teach: Bringing Whole-Heartedness to Our Mindfulness Teaching
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What is Mindfulness?

Our working definition of mindfulness is: Knowing what is happening while it is happening, without preference.

As you sit and read this, you can choose to be mindful. You can choose to come into the present moment and know you are sitting here, while you are sitting here.

Spend a moment just becoming aware of your experience as you sit here: any thoughts passing through the mind, any emotion you are experiencing now and any physical sensations you can feel in the body.

Becoming aware of our experience relates directly to the ‘knowing what is happening while it happening’ element of our definition.

Kristine on Kindness to Ourselves

Watch this video on YouTube.

Training in Mindfulness

Method and Attitude

Our mindfulness training proceeds at two levels:

Firstly, a technical aspect, which involves the method of how we train and what steps we learn in order to settle the mind, come into focus, remain in focus, recognize and avoid distraction. For example, we do this through meditation with the support of breath, sound, body or movement using a range of exercises.

Secondly, by developing an attitude of acceptance and kindness towards ourselves, so that when the effects of mindfulness reveal deeper levels of psychological activity, we are able to integrate these in a creative and non-reactive way (Nairn, 2001). This aspect is also carried out throughout meditative process.

Both levels are essential and should proceed side by side with one another.

Feel free to watch this video excerpt from our free 10 month online course, Living with Presence. In this video, Kristine Mackenzie Janson speaks about the importance and benefits of working with self- kindness alongside meditating with a support.

Want to know more about mindfulness and train with us?

If you found that definition and video helpful and maybe even inspiring you to know more, why not sign up for a course with us?

Here’s a short talk on our Mindfulness Practitioner Training Pathway:

Mindfulness Practitioner Training Pathway

Watch this video on YouTube.