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Compassion Based Mindfulness

A Four Level Pathway

We offer a wide range of courses that support people in their practice of Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Wisdom

Compassion is at the HEART of everything we do

We are a welcoming and compassionate organisation offering information about mindfulness and a wide range of mindfulness training courses that support people in their practice of mindfulness, compassion and insight.

We believe that Mindfulness is a way of life and not a brief intervention for relieving symptoms. Our unique compassion-based mindfulness courses are for life. Our Mindfulness courses cater for beginners, experienced practitioners, those that want to train to teach Mindfulness and experienced teachers.

We have a members community, a mindfulness for life programme with some great retreats and a continuing professional development program for all the teachers out there.

See our latest courses below to find the course for you. Our team have decades of experience. The Mindfulness Association is a member of the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA), and our teacher training meets the requirements of the BAMBA good practice guidelines.

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Below is a selection of our latest courses for beginners, experienced practitioners, those that want to teach Mindfulness and exclusive members retreats

Daily FREE Mindfulness Meditation

Join our free daily practice at 10:30am & 7pm Monday to Friday.

Mindfulness is proven to be beneficial for mental health and wellbeing in the right circumstances, but please note these mindfulness meditation practice sessions are not a treatment for mental health problems or addiction


To join these sessions you will need to have a Zoom account. 

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A Word from Our Directors

It has been our extraordinary privilege to work as part of a wonderful team in the development of the Mindfulness Association since the organisation was founded in May 2010. We were all fortunate to have Rob Nairn as a teacher and friend and then work with him to set up the Mindfulness Association. All our lives have changed, beyond recognition, for the better, due to the practice of mindfulness, compassion and insight meditation and it is our delight to share this practice with those that we teach. We hope that the resources on this website, our membership, online and face to face offerings benefit you in a similar way.



Co-Founder, Director and Tutor

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Co-Founder, Director and Tutor



Co-Founder and Director


Rob Nairn

Rob Nairn is the founder of the Mindfulness Association and developed a systematic and effective Mindfulness training on which our Mindfulness courses are based. He has guided us and many of his students meeting obstacles we face with curiosity and self kindness.

Rob’s unique blend of training and experience in law and psychology as well as having received teachings by distinguished Buddhist meditation teachers enables him to explain Mindfulness concepts from a Western psychological and secular perspective. His students have benefited from his experience and friendly sense of humour

Watch and listen to some of his teachings by clicking the button below.

Rob Nairn

The Everyone Project. Please Help Us to Help Others

The MA tutor team lead the daily sits on a voluntary basis. If you find the sits beneficial and if you are able to, the tutor team would be delighted if you could make a donation to the Everyone Project. In this way we can all continue to support each other through the benefit of mindfulness. Just £5 will pay for one session of the Mindfulness Based Living Course to be delivered to one person. Part of this work has been made possible by an award from People’s Postcode Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. See www.everyoneproject.org for more information about our work. Thank you!

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Friends of the Mindfulness Association

Lisa Hellier
Lisa Hellier
The Mindfulness Association offers the highest level of mind training, with an at-your-own-pace structure that means you can take as long as you need to progress through their compassion-based courses. Having progressed through their courses from complete beginner level right through to the MSc Studies in Mindfulness (in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen), and their teacher training pathway, I have a deep respect and gratitude for the breadth and depth of their studies. I have benefitted on both a personal and professional level; and from there it flows out into communities and benefits all beings. Eternally grateful. Just do it.
Anna Grady
Anna Grady
The Mindfulness Association daily meditation sits on zoom are one of the best things to come out of lock down. I find the chance to sit regularly, in community, and be led by skilled mindfulness teachers to be really valuable and precious. Try it out!!
Margaret Hudson
Margaret Hudson
Can't emphasise enough how valuable and of great help this Association is to my life in its teachings and connections to everyday life. I constantly appreciate and thank all who are involved. Still feel the same two years down the line and I am so thankful for their dedication to human needs at this difficult period in earth's evolvement.
ELI Scacco
ELI Scacco
Excellent site and very helpful association. Thanks!
Beatrice Boussard
Beatrice Boussard
Mindfulness association is a great organisation. I have been fortunate to complete the MBLC teacher training. I was very well supported during my all training aand still are! Going to Samye Ling to complete my training was magical. All the tutors are excellent, kind and so generous with their time. The free daily practices are so valuable to keep the momentum and keeping practicing in a group. This has transformed my life in many ways and I am forever grateful.
Lynne Ward
Lynne Ward
This is a forward thinking organisation, offering a range of well thought out mindfulness courses, resources and community. All the teachers I've met have been thoughtful, engaging and well trained. I'd highly recommend trying out their free resources and investigate what is on offer.
Jill Shepherd
Jill Shepherd
I have been a member of the Mindfulness Association since 2012, and the practices, learning and support they offer have gradually improved the way that I live my life - more acceptance, less stress, more confidence and a better understanding of myself. It's well worth the commitment - I'd heartily - wholeheartedly - recommend the Mindfulness Association.