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Compassion is at the heart of everything we do

Here at the Mindfulness Association, Mindfulness is a way of life and not a brief intervention for relieving symptoms. Our unique compassion-based mindfulness courses are for life. Our Mindfulness courses cater for beginners, experienced practitioners, those that want to train to teach Mindfulness and experienced teachers

We have a members community, a mindfulness for life programme with some great retreats and a continuing professional development program for all the teachers out there.

Scroll through our latest courses or use the links below to find the course for you. Our team have decades of experience and we are fully accredited with the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based teacher training (BAMBA).



While we are unable to meet face to face we are moving our courses on line.


FREE Daily Online Meditation 7pm – 8pm – Click here to find out more and join. 

The Mindfulness Association has compassion at the heart of everything it does.

We provide secular mindfulness training, based on a legacy of ancient practice, and applied for a modern society.

“The Mindfulness Association really has a great long legacy and history behind it. There is no better organisation that knows these practices, which go back thousands of years, and can apply them in modern society. Amongst any other options, I would always go with this association. Everything I have learned from them has made me feel that even more”



co Founder / Director / Tutor
Heather Regan-Addis | Mindfulness Association


co Founder / Director / Tutor
Norton Bertram-Smith


co Founder / Director

A word from our team

It has been our extraordinary privilege to work as part of a wonderful team in the development of the Mindfulness Association over the past decade. We were all fortunate enough to find Rob Nairn as our meditation teacher and then work with him in the setting up of the Mindfulness Association. All our lives have changed, beyond recognition, for the better, due to the practice of mindfulness, compassion and insight meditation and it our delight to share this practice with those that we teach. We hope that the resources on this website, our membership and our online and face to face offerings enable you to benefit in a similar way.

Insight Online Course

Principles Of Recognition With Rob Nairn!

We are delighted to offer a ten-week online insight course, which supports you in creating the conditions for insight to arise in your mindfulness meditation practice. It culminates in Rob Nairn’s nine principles of recognition!

The course includes:
    Videoed insight teachings;
    Daily formal insight practice audio;
    Guidelines for daily life insight practice;


The course will be delivered to you via email in ten weekly instalments. It is suitable for anyone who has some previous experience of practicing meditation, in particular mindfulness meditation. If you are new to mindfulness we recommend our online mindfulness course.
free daily online meditation

FREE Daily Online Meditation

Let’s Sit Together Join our FREE Daily Online Meditation 7pm – 8pm Every Day Followed by tea and company In challenging times, the need for connecting comes to the foreground. Maybe life is still unfolding in its usual way for you, or maybe you’re feeling worried, ill or isolated as a result of the pandemic…

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Allowing Ourselves to be Human

On Saturday 28th March I’m leading an online practice day with the theme allowing ourselves to be human. There will be the more familiar practices, plus some including a focus on our common humanity. I’m looking forward to appreciating the messy beauty of being human together. In the past when I’ve practiced self-compassion, I’ve focussed first…

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