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Due to the popularity of this new eight week course, we are putting in place a pathway for those who have completed Level 1 Teaching Skills to train to teach it. The first step is to fully participate in the MBHL course, choose your own healthy lifestyle changes to make and then explore how the practices in the course can support these changes. On this course we explore changes in eating and nutrition, sleep and rest, and activity and exercise. Then you can attend a teacher training weekend, after which you will be fully equipped with PowerPoint presentations and full class plans to deliver the course to your participants.


Step 1 – Mindfulness Based Health Living Course, starts Monday 29th January 2024 and the cost is £165.00. For more information and to book your place please click here.

Step 2 – Teacher training weekend online, beginning at 19.00pm on Friday 19th July, ending 15.00pm on Sunday 21st July 2024. The cost is £200.00, including full class plans and PowerPoints. To book your place please contact


What participants say:

  • Loved it, as ever. Thank you Ki and Heather for bringing such commitment, well-planned content and enthusiasm to your teaching.
  • I thought it was an excellent course, well delivered and very informative in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.
  • I really enjoyed the course and found it transformative.
  • The course was well set out, took in all aspects of living healthier not just a rigid diet, to recognise that my human failings, lapses will happen and to carry on. I now plan better my meals and shopping. Mindfulness eating, I now sit at the table to eat enjoy the food I have planned for and prepared.
  • It taught me that lapses are fine and just to let go and not fixate on them. Also, unconsciously I have changed my food, eat with my daughter (and more of the time at the table), been more active (even without work I have been more active) and I am overall in a much happier place.
  • It made me develop a much moderating sense of the importance of self compassion. I feel much equipped to continue on this journey of feeling so much better.
  • Lost weight, I’m healthier and a better example to my daughter.
  • Feel more in control of me, the ups the downs, the successes the failures they happen, the changes are helping me lose some weight, that’s the reason I started this journey.
  • Small steps – but steps in the right direction. Better sleep means I feel more refreshed and less likely to try to boost my energy levels / wake up by eating masses of carbs.
  • Stopped smoking, increased healthy foods, reduced chocolate, got more active, practised Mindfulness more (as opposed to random YouTube meditations).
  • Quite a number of changes, particularly dietary changes, more planning, more positive about me, less feelings of failure.
  • Switched to 0% gin, de-caf coffee and increased formal mindfulness practice.


What is the 8 Week Mindfulness Based Healthy Living Course Online?

Do you want to change your lifestyle to a healthier way of living?

This new online 8 week course aims to create the causes and conditions in your life for our health to flourish through positive changes in habits of eating and movement.  Our aim is to support each other with kindness and care to move to a more healthy lifestyle through insights from practices taken from the Mindfulness Association’s mindfulness, compassion & insight trainings. This is combined with an exploration of evidence-based information about beneficial nutrition and exercise approaches. We will share lots of free and evidence-based resources and you can then choose your own combinations of approaches to explore throughout the course.

There is an introductory course fee of £100, on the basis that we will ask you to fill out an anonymous pre and post course questionnaire, and 6 month follow up questionnaire on body weight, shape and fitness changes. Places are limited to 23 participants.

The course will take place during the evening 7-8.45pm,

The course will be led by Heather Regan-Addis experienced mindfulness tutor and evidence-based lifestyle follower and Ki (Michaela) James experienced dietitian with 30 years experience of clinical work in the NHS.


Weekly themes include:

  1. Getting started – intention, motivation and exploring different approaches
  2. It’s not our fault, but we can be proactive – a compassion based approach
  3. Eating with awareness – a mindfulness based approach
  4. Nutrition overview – some evidence-based approaches to healthy eating
  5. Moving with awareness of subliminal reflexes – an insight based approach
  6. Slips, binges & projection of desire – insight into self-sabotage
  7. Cultivating curiosity & courage to change – facing the challenges of transformation
  8. A healthy lifestyle for me – support moving forward.

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