Receiving Supervision with the Mindfulness Association

It is a requirement of the Good Practice Guidelines for the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher training Organisations/BAMBA that mindfulness teachers should receive “regular supervision with an experienced mindfulness-based teacher”. To help teachers trained through the Mindfulness Association fulfil this requirement, we have a pool of approved mindfulness supervisors within the Mindfulness Association, which you can view below.

If you are interested in becoming a supervisor click here for further information.

You can find further details of receiving supervision for Mindfulness Teachers through the MA by downloading this document. To organise supervision, please contact our admin team and we can help you with this.

Supervision Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers

  • When you first start teaching the MBLC – you will need to do 2 MBLC Courses
  • For each MBLC Course you will need to have 3 hours of supervision for EACH course.
  • Supervision costs £30 for half an hour and £50 for one hour.
  • You can also find a group for supervision. Typically this is 3 people – and costs £120 each for the 6 sessions of supervision. This can be agreed with your supervisor.
  • Throughout your first 2 courses you will record one hour of one of your sessions and send this to the supervisor for feedback. There is an additional charge for this at £60 to review and provide written feedback.  You might like to discuss the feedback in one of your supervision sessions or as an additional session.

Everything you need to know about Supervision requirements can be found here on the BAMBA website.

Find a Supervisor

Angie Ball

Individual supervision preferred.

Angie has been a part of the Mindfulness Association’s teaching team since its inception in 2010 initially studying with founder Professor Rob Nairn.

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Anna is the founder and director of the Mindfulness Association Poland.

A practitioner of both Buddhist and Mindfulness meditation since 1993. She completed her MSc in Mindfulness at Aberdeen University, Scotland; supervision training at Bangor University and at the Mindfulness Association U.K.

She is a certified teacher of MBLC, CBLC, and facilitates and teaches all of the UK Mindfulness Association courses and teacher training pathway in Poland.

She is an actress, and teaches the ‘Coordination Technique’ , a Mindfulness-based actor training program, as well as vocal techniques in Poland and internationally. She leads retreats and workshops in Mindfulness and Compassion meditation and supervises Mindfulness and Compassion teachers. She is bilingual: English-Polish.

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Annick Nevejan, MSc, MA, is a lead tutor and supervisor for the Mindfulness Association (MA) since 2010 and delivers the MA’s trainings, retreats and teaching skills trajectories in the UK and Europe.

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Bill paterson

Bill has been supervising mindfulness teachers since 2018 and has experience of teaching the MBLC over 50 times to very diverse groups.

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Fay Adams

Individual supervision only.

Fay Adams has been a tutor within the Mindfulness Association since it began. She teaches on the University of Aberdeen’s Studies in Mindfulness MSc and is a teacher trainer.

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Having practiced mindfulness in the 1990s and teaching since 2013, Gareth has primarily taught groups of people experiencing anxiety, low mood, and/or chronic illness.

With 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and wellbeing, he has a keen interest in the contributions mindfulness and compassion can make to the process of psychotherapy and healing. Since Masters studies focused on shamanism, music and altered states of consciousness in 1995, Gareth has explored a variety of therapies and transpersonal psychologies. He is deeply interested in spirituality, both in sacred and secular forms.

Over the past few years he has been facilitating ecotherapy and mindfulness in nature events. He loves his work and has a deep commitment to living creatively and with gratitude. Gareth’s work is based in North Staffordshire/South Cheshire.

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Gillian is a Mindfulness Association trained teacher based in Edinburgh. She has practised mindfulness for over 15 years and has been teaching mindfulness since 2011.

In 2015, Gillian set up her own mindfulness training company after a long career as a marketing professional in the corporate sector. She currently teaches mindfulness full-time. Gillian regularly teaches both the MA’s Mindfulness Based Living Course and the Compassion Based Living Course to the general public. She also delivers mindfulness training in organisations and schools.

Gillian is a Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) accredited teacher, for both the .b and Paws b courses, and runs regular mindfulness retreats and workshops.

What Gillian says about her motivation: “I experience such joy teaching mindfulness and I never cease to be amazed by the transformation it brings into people’s lives. As a supervisor, I love to support other teachers as they develop their skills in sharing this wonderful practice with others.”

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Graeme Armstromg

Individual supervision only.

Graeme is a lead Tutor and Supervisor for the Mindfulness Association, and lives in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

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Jacky Seery

Jacky is the Communications Manager, a Tutor and Core Management Team member within the Mindfulness Association.

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Jane Negrych

Jane began working for the Mindfulness Association in 2013 as the Communication Manager running the membership and marketing.

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Joan Flannelly

Joan has been practicing mindfulness since 2005 and was inspired to teach from the incredible transformation she experienced in her own life.

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Having practised mindfulness meditation since 2000, Kristine is an Honorary Teaching Fellow at the MSc in Mindfulness Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

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Rosina Morrison

Rosina teaches the MBLC course locally and has also taught with the Mindfulness Association on the one year Mindfulness and Compassion courses.

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Tina Gilbert

Tina has been teaching mindfulness since 2011, she trained with Rob Nairn and the Mindfulness Association team undertaking the 3 years of mindfulness, compassion, insight and wisdom training.

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Supervision Courses

Become a Mindfulness Supervisor

Our supervision courses give you the opportunity to develop the skills and know-how needed in the specific context of mindfulness supervision. It includes inquiry skills, additional skills in facilitation to unfold experience, considerations when working one-to-one, navigating the various roles and functions you will take on as a mindfulness supervisor, setting up a working agreement and giving feedback using the MBI-TAC document.

Within mindfulness supervision, the session itself is imbued with mindfulness. There are short periods of practice interspersed with dialogue and the dialogue itself becomes an exercise in being present. This all happens in the context of embodied groundedness and compassion. For this reason our embodiment of mindfulness in relationship will also be a focus during the course.

Participants completing this training in mindfulness supervision will be free to set themselves up as mindfulness supervisors, providing they meet the Mindfulness Association’s Supervisor Good Practice Guidelines and the UK Network’s Supervisor Good Practice Guidelines.

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