Blogs looking at some of the science in psychology, biology and neuroscience around training the mind in mindfulness, compassion and insight, partly inspired by our work with our colleagues from University of the West of Scotland on the Masters Degree in (Teaching) Mindfulness and Compassion, and from the University of Aberdeen on the Masters Degree in Studies in Mindfulness, which are both run in partnership with the Mindfulness Association.

Also, the Mindfulness Association and the Everyone Project are supporting two PhD students in the field of Mindfulness and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. As part of their work over the next few years they will be contributing blogs to inform and engage those who are interested in this topic.


A Decolonial Approach 2

PhD on Equity Diversity and Inclusion in Mindfulness: A Decolonial Approach – Part 2 EDI? And why a decolonial approach, what does that even mean? Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are buzz words right now, which is timely and necessary to make mindfulness more inclusive, but how do we turn these ideas and aims into…


A Decolonial Approach

Introducing my PhD on Equity Diversity and Inclusion in Mindfulness: A Decolonial Approach By Josetta (they/them) Introduction: what am I doing?! Welcome to my first Mindfulness Association (MA) blog in which I introduce myself and my new PhD on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Mindfulness. It’s a part-time project alongside my equally soul-satisfying work…


Big M: More than Mindfulness

I was recently at Aberdeen University to spend a weekend with the third year students from the MSc in Studies in Mindfulness. This is a collaboration between the University and the Mindfulness Association. The students were just beginning their dissertations or work based projects. Each year we have a fabulous presentation by Dr. Jane Kellock…