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February Mindfulness calendar

February Mindfulness Calendar

February is the month of love! What better way to keep love in our heart than by engaging the practice of Loving Kindness for the entire month? So, what is the practice of Loving Kindness? The practice of Loving Kindness is another name for the Buddhist meditation called Metta Bhavana or the cultivation of unconditional…


Free January Mindfulness Calendar

Being Mindful in January 2024 Each day our free mindfulness calendar offers you a prompt to contemplate and explore, keeping you connected to what is occurring for you in the present moment. While this month we have our now traditional New Year’s Course – Wonder of the Everyday, with Fay Adams, on a Monday evening.…


FREE December Mindfulness Calendar

Join us this month in noticing. Set an intention this month to use what’s happening around you to connect with what’s happening within.   Each day our calendar offers a prompt inviting us to pause to notice how December fills with little changes all around…Christmas trees and decorations, Christmas lights, sights and sounds. It is…