masterclass series

Join Our Exclusive Masterclasses

Our masterclass series is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and insights to enhance your Mindfulness practice, or even begin one.

Why Choose Our Masterclass?

  1. Learn Something new
  2. Enhance your practice
  3. Get a taster into Mindfulness
  4. Interactive Learning with our tutors

Our Masterclass Topics Include:

  • The Practice of Buddhism: Step by step teaching and practice of the key elements of the Buddhist path
  • Mindfulness and Mystical Poetry: a range of courses and practice days to explore what the words of mystics of the past and present can teach us.
  • Mindfulness, Yoga and Qigong: Weekend workshops and online evening courses provide practice in Mindful Qigong. 
  • Living Well to Die Well: Become more aware of the stages of death, and practices to help us live well every day. 
  • Compassionate Imagery for Resilience: This weekend is for people with some experience in mindfulness, who feel they may benefit from more (self)compassion in their life.
  • The practice of Tonglen: This weekend focusses on the practice of Tonglen which is a key practice in Compassion Training. 
  • Mindful Journalling: This short online course will be an opportunity to mindfully explore what journaling might offer us.
  • Mindfulness for Stress:Are you struggling to cope with your stress levels or find it hard to switch off at times? This weekend provides some extra tools to help manage stress

The courses are either held online in the evenings or over a weekend at Samye ling and online.