Responding with Compassion- Level 2

Course Overview

The Responding with Compassion course provides an in depth personal practice experience of our Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC). 

  • It is ideal for those who have completed the Level 1 mindfulness training and who wish to continue to develop their mindfulness practice so as to hold inner experience with warmth and kindness.
  • The course meets the annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of the UK Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) for mindfulness teachers and is open to mindfulness teachers who are trained in other approaches, such as MBSR and MBCT.
  • It is a pre-requisite for mindfulness teachers who wish to learn to teach our CBLC course.

Mindfulness Level 2: Responding with Compassion/ Kristine Mackenzie Janson

Watch this video on YouTube.

This course takes place over three weekends, or over one weekend and a 5 day retreat, and is spread out over a six month period. It aims to enable participants to develop their mindfulness practice by training in compassion.

The themes of the three weekends are:

  • Self Compassion
  • Compassion for Others
  • Compassion in Action

Where the course is taught as one weekend and a retreat, the first weekend is on self-compassion and the retreat covers compassion for others and compassion in action.

Some encouraging words:

“The content of the course is so practical to the development of compassion. Sharing everyday experiences of compassion with others on the course really helps to see our common humanity.”
“Great supportive group, wonderful teachers and my own more open attitude has combined to result in a lovely weekend,,,,I’m going to take away a clear image of a holder and what qualities need to be held. It’s very reassuring to know I have the ability to soothe myself and not always rely on others.”
“Should be mandatory for all, the world would be a better place.”
“Essential way of deepening mindfulness practice. More joyful and not as serious as I expected.”
“Great way to get in touch with the compassionate friend sometimes hidden within.”
“Vital for leading happier lives and contributing to the happiness of others.”
“Very valuable to start understanding how to plant the seed of self-compassion and focussing on cultivating inner resources of joy and soothing.”


Courses Available:

Further course information and booking, please email |  PDF Flyer

- Edinburgh starts 08 September 2018 (ongoing course)

- London starts 08 December 2018

- London starts 14 September 2019

- Samye Ling starts 13 July 2018 (ongoing course)

- Samye Ling starts 31 May 2019

Completing this course qualifies you to attend:

Mindfulness Level 3 – Seeing Deeply

Teacher Training for CBLC (see teacher training pathway)