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Following on from our blog Be Mindful of the Extraordinary, one of our members responded to the Weekly Challenge and contributed this blog.

A Mindful Wish

“WELL THE PHONE RANG JUST TOO OFTEN as I curled up for some me time, exhausted after decoration and getting the flat back to ‘normal’: moving bags, books, pictures etc. off the sofa onto the floor in front and creating paths to move round the flat, all ready to move.

Meanwhile there were trades queries for the cottage, where everyone is working so hard from the surveyor to the assistants to finish in time for Christmas.

So… I reached screaming pitch…literally. Swore, tantrums.

Then I paused. This all wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

Remembering Clive Holme’s words I reflected “ How could I help myself in this moment of difficulty?”

I reflected on some of the many things I was happy about – the cottage, piano lessons, enough money to be comfortable, lots of help…

Peter, the carpet fitter, was due to arrive at the flat to remove paint marks any time.

So, instead of trying to nap, I got up and dressed, tidied the flat, and looked for all the paint marks made by the decorator. ( He had done a super job at short notice.)

Then I sorted out payment for Peter….

My mobile rang. Peter.

I was ready!

He removed most of the marks and clipped off the speaker wire. No one can see it, he’s made such a good job!!!

The carpet looks as good as new!

A step nearer to putting the flat on the market when I move out at Christmas!


Presents to wrap (thankfully all bought),

But I have my lovely Lena, who helps me on a Friday, who loves wrapping presents. And she did that for me!

So many people to thank who help me on my way!

Then tea! I was hungry.

Wash out and now…

Nap time

So my mindful wish is to count to three, have a compassionate break, and remember the wisdom:

How can I help myself in this moment of difficulty?

What am I thankful for? And carry this through to The New Year”.

Written by Anonymous Mindfulness Association Member.

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