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We hope you’ll join us!

The fourth in the series of research forums hosted by the Mindfulness Association to showcase research from the Masters in Mindfulness Studies programme at the University of Aberdeen is taking place on Thursday 9 May.
We hope that you will be interested in attending and invite you to join us on Zoom.

This week we will be hearing from two graduates of the Masters programme, Cheryl Gooch and JD Walther who will each give a short presentation on their research followed by the opportunity for questions.

JD’s research centres on the mechanisms and processes underlying mindfulness from the perspective of Dynamic Systems Theory. Cheryl looks at the link between mindfulness and safety behaviours, examining the presence and scale of trait mindfulness in health and safety professionals.
The forum will be facilitated by Dr Jane Kellock.
We look forward to seeing you!

Please GO TO THE RESEARCH FORUM PAGE for the link to join us on ZOOM