We are delighted to announce that the Everyone Project Charity is inviting a new round of applications for funding for online MBLC or MBLC-YA Courses.
Based on generous donations from our members and attendees at our free daily sits plus a large donation from the Mindfulness Association, the Everyone Project is in a position to continue its efforts to help those in need of a mindfulness course, but who do not have access to training. In the face of the ongoing pandemic the Everyone Project Charity is now inviting applications to run online MBLC or MBLC-YA courses for groups of individuals who have been disproportionally disadvantaged by the pandemic. This week we have emailed all of our qualified MBLC teachers asking them to apply for a grant to teach a course. If you are an MBLC teacher and have not received a copy of the email and application form, please contact Helen or Alan at
If you would like to support our efforts and to make a donation to the Everyone Project, please click HERE to go to the Everyone Project Website