_dsc0131The Mindfulness Association’s Level 4 training was developed to support and inspire people following on from Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight Trainings.  Even though we may have experienced positive personal changes arising from our practice and even though we may have seen our life situations and relationships with others become not perfect but certainly a bit more workable, it can still be difficult to sustain the very practice that has delivered these benefits.  There is no easy answer and the challenge of finding creative ways to maintain our practice and not follow our limiting habitual patterns is in itself part of the path of Mindfulness for Life: a joyful commitment to lifelong practice. Discovering a deeper heart-felt motivation to remember what is truly in the best long term interests of ourselves and others is perhaps the most sustainable means of maintaining our sense of direction on the path of Mindfulness for Life: a clear understanding of how a meaningful life and authentic practice depend on each other.

From 11th to 16th July 2017 a group of practitioners will be on Holy Island for our first ever Mindfulness for Life Retreat and YOU are invited to be there.

A retreat does not mean that we are trying to avoid our difficulties or trying to run away from the world we inhabit.  If anything, by providing a protected space for learning, resting, reflection, discussion and some time spent in silence, a retreat can be a wonderful way to learn to face the situations in which we find ourselves.  This retreat builds on the Mindfulness for Life weekends of the Level 4 training in Scarborough but it can be a stand-alone training that will meet the annual continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of the UK Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) for Mindfulness teachers; and most importantly it will provide you with the encouragement to connect fully with your own aspirations for your life and practice.

Level 4 Trainings are only available to those who have completed the Mindfulness,_dsc0338 Compassion and Insight modules either on Mindfulness Association courses or on the Aberdeen MSc: Studies in Mindfulness  Programme.  Some exceptions to these conditions are made for people who have completed retreats with Rob Nairn in the past.  We are really looking forward to exploring together our shared human potential and of course the beauty of Holy Island.

It looks like this unique retreat opportunity may be oversubscribed, so we are asking you to book by the end of February by following this link. or email info@mindfulnessassociation.net to confirm that you meet the prerequisite conditions.

As part of the Mindfulness for Life Training, we have regular online talks, practice and discussion sessions.  When you have booked your place on the retreat you will be able to join these as well.  The next online teaching for Level 4 will be by Vin Harris in early March 2017 (date to be confirmed).

_dsc0700-1If you have any questions about booking, please contact the Mindfulness Association office at info@mindfulnessassociation.net

If you have questions about the course please contact Vin Harris vin@hartknowe.co.uk  (note: I will be away from 4th to 20th February)

We look forward to seeing you on Holy Island.

Best Wishes

Vin Harris and Ian Rigg

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